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We make it easy to buy powder coated fasteners of any type, size, material, color and quantity. A large selection of prepackaged qty’s listed. If you don’t see what you want just contact us with your request. We will accept custom orders of any size, any quantity. Simply send your request in the contact us form, your response will be quickly answered. Most custom orders are available to ship within 2 weeks if we don’t have the stock.

Many sizes and types in stock. Including button, socket, hex and truss heads. Allen drive, torx, security-torx, 6 point

All fasteners in stock are stainless steel unless otherwise noted. Any material available upon request.

Dozens of colors in stock and ready to ship. Any color available upon request.

Motorcycle / ATV bolt kits for  Artic Cat, Harley Davidson, Polaris, Victory

Powder coat is available in over 6000 colors! It is far superior to paint in many ways. It’s much more durable, does not chip or peel. The powders we use are UV stable (will not fade), resistant to most chemicals and impact resistant. Another benefit to powder coat is that it’s Eco-friendly. Powder coat is cured by heat not toxic chemicals. It contains no solvents and the voc’s released during the cure cycle are negligible.

We take great pride in our products, our unique process ensures the best possible adhesion and eliminates past problems with coating failure. Powder coating is very durable, however, until we perfected the process, the coating would fail on fasteners because the coating would be damaged when being torqued. With our exclusive process, this is a thing of the past. Adhesion has been dramatically improved resulting in unmatched quality and reliability. We test the durability by torquing fasteners at 200% of maximum torque. Usually the fastener will fail before the coating is damaged beyond acceptable limits.

Try us, you wont be disappointed. We guarantee our fasteners for life. If the coating ever fails, we will replace it for free.  (conditions apply, see warranty page for more information)

A few examples of what people do with our products..

Gloss black fender flare screws

Satin black fender flare screws

Custom wheel trim screws

Fire red fender flare screws


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