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M10-1.5x20mm Button head Powder Coated Your choice of colors Package of 6


M10-1.5x20mm Button head Powder coated Flat Black

Package of 6

18-8 Stainless steel

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M10-1.5x20mm button head Powder coated YOUR CHOICE OF COLORS  Package of 6

Thousands of other colors available upon request, minimum order may apply (to avoid extra fee).

18-8 Stainless steel (If you need something else, please contact us for special order.

We use multiple steps before powder coating including media blasting to insure the best possible adhesion. The result is an excellent bond that can take a lot of abuse. The threads are kept clean so threading and torquing will not be altered. The head is fully coated which has an added benefit of acting as a gasket helping to keep dirt and water out of the threads, reducing corrosion and difficulty removing.

Powder coating offers an extremely durable, very attractive finish. Powder coat is very chip resistant and will not peel like paint. The powders we use are UV stable (unaffected by the suns uv rays that cause other finishes to fade) and chemical resistant (unaffected by most common products such as cleaners, fuel, brake fluid, solvents etc. even acetone) these fasteners will look great for many years with minimal care. Clean as you would most anything, cloth, brush etc.

Powder coated fasteners are a great way to enhance the look of your ride, on your bike, boat, 4 wheeler, furniture, just about anything.  Use them to blend in with the objects their on or stand out and contrast to match other colors. Being stainless steel, you wont need to worry about rust, the durable powder coat finish will look great matching/contrasting colors on just about anything.

18-8 / A-2 stainless steel has a slightly lower tensile strength than a standard grade 5 steel bolt. If you need hardened or an otherwise different type of fastener, please contact us for a quote or any other questions you may have.

Head Type Thread Diameter Thread Pitch Length Head Diameter Drive Tool Size Material
Button Head 10mm 1.5 20mm 17.25mm +/- 6mm allen  18-8 / A-2 Stainless
  Closest 1/16″ Conversion   Closest 1/8″ Conversion  Closest  Conversion    
  3/8”   3/4”  .680″    

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × .5 in

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Our products all come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee…for life.
If the coating ever fails due to defects in material or workmanship we will replace it for free.

Powder coated fasteners should always be installed with hand tools. The repeated impact from power tools can cause damage to the coating. Use well fitting clean 6 point tools (where applicable) for best results. The coating will hold up to being torqued to spec by hand. Powder coat is tough but keep in is a coating, it can be damaged, tighten with care.
Tip: If installing very light colored fasteners, wrap tape around the tool to avoid tool marks on the powder coat.

Powder coat requires no special care. Clean with a soapy cloth or soft brush. It’s resistant to most chemicals, oils, solvents etc. Cleaning is a snap.